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Triple Link has been creating engineering solutions for products since 1991.

If you have an engineering resource shortage we can help with any stage of product design and development from concept to production.

Triple Link Manufacturing Limited
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Main Offering
Concept, design, development, prototyping (including in house 3D printing) through to production.
Computational aids e.g.; Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), CAD

Triple Link's core skill is effective, novel design.
We pride ourselves in finding creative ways to answer design challenges, specialising in increasing functionality while minimising overall costs.

Triple Link has always used the latest tools to aid the design process.  While we built up these tools to help with design and development projects we also offer these capabilities as standalone services for our clients.

On this site are some examples of past work, however much of what we do remains confidential to protect our clients Intellectual Property.

3D Printing
We have now added an in-house 3D printer to further improve product design and development.

Because the printer is in the design office we can quickly try out ideas at a very early stage and gain instant feedback.
The printer is typically used for custom designs, helping with both visualisation and functional testing.

CFD - Computational Fluid Dynamics

Finite Element Analysis - FEA

Grant Funding


Contact us if you have a project and are interested in exploring what grant funding may be available to you.

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